20 Jul 2009

Finally home... for a wee bit

I have been away from home, but not the hobby, for a couple of months shore based down South but am home for a week before having to go to a proper job and work for a living back at sea starting a new assignment with a new ship.

This does however, provide me with a chance to open up all my latest purchases, (oh and catch up with the wife!) and set about at least prepping them for when I'm home again in the future. I have also got a chance to finish off my last Tactical Sqd, 60 Tac marines done and dusted, I'll post pictures of the final five AOBR (Previous half) marines later this week... next on to Devastators, Assault, Termies etc. etc.

Here's a quick look at my latest terrain piece WIP. I like it, however I've now decided to get another so I can do the other half of the building with a corner piece. Doh, curse you GW! It is exceptionally tall and a great place to lurk those Hvy Wpn Sqds. Yet to base it, add rubble, texture, paint etc. But, it gives you another chance to see it before you go buy yours...
And although I'll be away for great swathes, Pornstarjedi is still a land lubber and (hopefully) painting away (bases Jedi!) and posting...


  1. I picked mine up on Saturday. It is a very impressive terrain piece. I'm still undecided how I'll assemble it and I'd hate to copy you, but I do like yours. ;)

    That first pic there is quite awesome BTW.

  2. I plan on picking mine up today. Thanks for posted the pic of it.

  3. I am really undecided on this piece. I would go nicely with my 5 other cities of death buildings but I do not like the fact that it is so tall with so few levels. This makes storage a problem and game play a problem since I think it will be hard to move infantry up to the top level. Guessing you need like a 5 on your terrain test to get up that ladder.

    Also seems like with only 5 tiles it might be hard to come up with to many unique appeareances.


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