31 Jul 2022

Adeptus Titanicus - Legio Mortis - Warp Missile Rack

Hello Readers, the Forge World website describes the warp missile as "one of the rarest and most powerful munitions available to Reaver Titan Princeps. Mounted atop the god-machine's carapace, the warp missile can be fired just once. Equipped with a miniature warp engine like those on starships, when fired it briefly enters the warp and emerges within an enemy Titan's shields, causing devastating damage." Right that the Legio Mortis utilise this most dreadful and esoteric weapon.
I picked up a Warp Missile Rack whilst browsing the Forge World store at Warhammer World, and since I didn't or shouldn't be adding to the pile-of-shame, I thought I'd get it done and dusted quickly...
I painted the warp missile itself to look weird and wonderful with sickly warplight glow from the innards, what daemon madness is contained within these traitor weapons the loyalist Engines will find out. In the rules, these bypass the Void Shields, manifesting within the Engine straight from warpspace and cause Critical damage to the onboard superstructure and systems. A one shot weapon is always a risk, if I miss or roll badly for Critical effects I've wasted a perfectly good hard point for the rest of the battle, however, if I get a good result - it can cause serious hurt to a fully shielded Engine!
The rack is magnetised to the carapace, allowing easy swapping out when designing a battle force.
The missile iteslf is also magnetised on the rack, so once it is fired I can indicate that by removing the missile from the model. 

May your reactors burn true, Cheers, Siph


For the Emperor! (and other Xenos welcome...)

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