17 Jul 2022

Adeptus Titanicus - Terrain - Civitas Imperialis

Hello all, thanks for dropping by. I recently finished some Adeptus Titanicus terrain for my mini titans to fight over. These are the Games Workshop Civitas Imperialis set. 
Not much in a single set, but combined with some others and the Spires set should give enough to battle over. The nice thing about Titan games is they don't need much terrain or models. I think another set will be required though.
These were easily painted in one sitting, sprayed black, oversprayed Stormvermin Grey, highlighted spray Uniform Grey. The building except the bottom was then shielded by cardboard and a light spray of Zandri Dust on the lower reaches was done.
Once the spray was finished, I washed the whole thing with Agrax Earthshade and the roof with a watered down wash. Once completely dry, I drybrushed the lower half Ushabti Bone, top half Administratum Grey then picked out a few details in Leadbelcher, washed Nuln Oil.
I picked out the pipes and vents and the small building will have a stratagem or radar dish fitted when I get it out of the main AT set.
Lastly a few Aquila were picked out in Retributor Gold and washed Reikland Fleshshade and the skylight on one building picked out in Kantor Blue and highlighted turquoise.

Cheers, Siph (5pts Terrain)


  1. Straight forward an effective. The set came out great!

  2. Very good. When are they out in 28mm ?


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