18 Oct 2021

Dreadtober 2021 - Necron Canoptek Doomstalker - End of Week 2 Progress

Hello All, and Dreadtober-teers, here is an update of my progress so far, I've painted the Space Marine casualty for the base and just stuck him down, need to wait for the PVA glue layer to dry locking in the sand grains before finishing off the base.
Here is the armour completed, ready for the main body thorax thingy and main gun, that's all I have left to complete and then its done, in good time for Dreadtober.

Dreadtober is an annual event held over the month of October where hobbyists pledge to do a dreadnought-sized model from the to-do pile and get it finished, starting 1st Oct and hopefully completing 31st Oct (Halloween/All Hallows Eve) with lots of progress shots and encouragement along the way :) Check the Link in Sidebar or HERE

Cheers, Siph


  1. Ow; that's gotta hurt. Great looking base so far and the armor looks aces!

  2. Supreme progress. I was rushing to try and get mine done potentially for my local stores actual in-house Armies On Parade - I've just found out its running on the 20th November!

  3. Looking great so far. All marines must die.


For the Emperor! (and other Xenos welcome...)

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