8 Jan 2021

Lord Titanium Halfpenny Returns! where has he been?

 Hello one and all, goodbye 2020, and hello 2021.. 

It's been a while since I've posted, this was due to the house move, and then the decision not to unpack my weemen until we had the garage conversion completed which will become my geekroom/office space. 6 weeks of work, and here are the results at the moment.

I am going to repaint the walls over the base white, and then start to add my units, games table and desks into position. I also have a loft space in the void above the ceiling to hide my pile of plastic shame away to keep the room looking tidy. 

I am really missing the hobby, with having around 5 months completely away from it - I still haven't located my brushes yet!

Thanks for swinging by, I will hopefully have further updates next week!


  1. Awesome space I hope to come battle in when virus and work allows!

  2. Looking like a nice space, hope you're back painting soon!

  3. awesome you will love it I did the same and it is my favourite room

  4. OOoh Nice ! I need to do that to my garage.


For the Emperor! (and other Xenos welcome...)

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