9 Nov 2020

Relictors Space Marines - Company Champion

Hello All, thanks for dropping in to have a look. This is a rather special post to me - my official completion to my Relictors 5th Battle Company! This is the special limited edition Army Box set Veteran Sergeant model, converted and re-armed to be the Company Champion.
The Combat Shield comes from the 2nd Edn metal Terminators, the arm from a 3rd party Emperor of Mankind model, the power pack from a Limited Edition Sternguard Sergeant metal model too. I added a plastic arm and voila. The original arm with the raised Storm Bolter is on my Veteran Squad with Storm Shields and Storm Bolters.
I used a 32mm adapter ring to increase the base size. The Power Sword was layered with Kantor Blue, Sotek Green and then edged with Templeguard Blue and Baharroth Blue at the tip.
The purples were Contrast Shylish Purple highlighted Daemonette Hide. The power nubs on the reverse of the shield were coated with Nihilakh Oxide.
The traditional Company Command Squad now complete, Veterans, Ancient Banner Bearer, Apothecary and finally the Champion - I have an extensive Battle Company as sold in the Battle Company Box Set now OOP -
  • 2 HQ Characters - Company Captain plus one
  • 1 Razorback
  • 1 Command Squad - 2 Vets, Apothecary, Banner, Champion
  • 6 Tactical Squads and Rhinos
  • 2 Devastator Squads and Rhinos
  • 2 Assault Squads
However it was never officially complete without a Company Champion, so finally after 11yrs I did it (with a lot of extra Armoury additions and a fledgling 4th Company and Primaris reinforcements...)

Cheers for stopping by, Siph. (10pts)


  1. A fitting capstone to a long time project. Let's have a look at the assembled Company some time!

  2. Always great to get a goal finished like that and a lovely paint job.

  3. Great work! Love the look of the power sword.

  4. A fittingly eye catching model to finish such an epic task !


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