16 Nov 2020

Relictors Chapter Space Marines - Primaris Aggressors Squad

Hello All, thanks for dropping in. Today I would like to showcase my latest addition to the growing Primaris reinforcements to my Relictors Chapter - some well needed firepower - Primaris Aggressors.
Even though these are the 'firstborn Centurions' of the Primaris range, they are a lot easier to paint and I did in a main assembly including the head which needs to be in place before the cowling; power cables and shoulder pauldrons.
Here is the Sergeant, I didn't see that the model has a spare set of skull adorned Boltstorm gauntlets until I'd fitted one, so he just has one 'badge of honour' on his fists. The box allows all three to be built as troops.
And here is the first of the troops, I intend expanding the squad in the future as they are just so effective on the tabletop.

Cheers, Siph (6pts)


  1. Is that a red helm of censure!? He looks badass enough.

    1. All Relictors are censure worthy ;) but it’s just Codex compliant colours denoting his rank as Sergeant. My Primaris Force is a bit less adorned with spikes and chaos garb than some of my firstborn are... we don’t want to risk the ire of Guilliman or Cawl just yet, they’ve only just started to reinforce us after our penitent crusade (I had to write some fluff to account for Primaris reinforcement in an otherwise “traitorous excommunicated” Chapter... see the Background tab above ;)


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