5 Jun 2020

Titan Weapons - Warlord and Reaver

Hello one and all!

This week I've completed a couple of additional weapons for both the Reaver titans, and my Warlord.

Reaver - Dreadfire configuration
I've completed a set of warlord apoc missile launchers for use on my Reavers. This is an opd Epic version, utilising 3 missile pods. I've added a bolt into the weapon, to then screw into place through the shoulder. We will be using house rules for these if, and when I use this set up. 
I am happy with the look, I think it would have been better if the missiles were horizonal, rather than vertical, however this would involve a huge conversion on each arm. 

Backup plan is to use the missiles on my next warlord (if and when that happens..)

Warlord - Belicosa
The Belicosa volcano cannon has been completed with a similar style to the other volcano weapons in the legion. I've added heat detail to the barrel of the weapon using blue, purple, orange then finally yellow inks. A home made symbol decal has been added to the gun shield.

Thanks for stopping by! LH Annual Painting - 20pts (10 for belicosa, 5 for each missile pod)


  1. Nice addition with the Hell’s Daughter Warlord Bellicosa Volcano Cannon, a fine addition. I like the idea of a dreadfire, however I feel longer arms and Reaver Apocs might look less awkward and more like the original AT Reaver Dreadfire and Warlord Support Titans. Nevertheless it will be effective on the Walks stripping Voids!

  2. Brilliant. I see what you mean about the look, but it's still great as it is.

  3. Some great work there, although I am not a fan of the triple missiles. Just doesn't sit right I think.


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