26 Jun 2020

Deathwatch Update - Primaris Intercessors, Captain and a Leviathan Dreadnought!

Hello one and all!

I'm slowly getting into my 'to-do-pile' for my Deathwatch force. I've completed a 5 man Primaris Intercessors unit, a Primaris Captain and a Leviathan Dreadnought.

Primaris Intercessors 
I've painted these with the same metallic black base, with edge highlights of thunderhawk blue to the raised sections. The weapons have been picked out in red, as I did for the previous vehicles adn dreadnoughts. The helmet eyes have been picked out with blue, having a slight glow around them using a lighter blue than that used for the lenses. I will be doing similar with power weapons.

Primaris Captain 
The Primaris Captain is based on the store birthday model, I've opted for him being from the Imperial Fists - to tie this in I've coloured the inner cape to match the yellow of the shoulder pad. I spent a lot of time on the face, and happy with the eyes.

Leviathan Dreadnought
I decided to add some major firepower for the force with an addition of a Blood Angels Leviathan armed with 2 Storm cannons. I've tried to retain the look of the blood angels, whilst balancing it so that it looks deathwatch, more than death company. The details have been painted the same as the previous dreadnoughts, with an addition of a Blood Angels decal to the Right shoulder pad.
Really happy with all of these units, and they look great together!
 Thanks for looking!  Cheers, Lord Halfpenny
(20 painting points, 5 troops, 10 Character, 5 Dreadnought)


  1. They look awesome mate! That Leviathan has sooo much dakka :-O

  2. Cramming points into as few models as possible ? Sounds like your Titan acquisition habit is rubbing off on your deafwotch.

    Nice though.


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