24 May 2019

Legio Crucius - Warlord Titan - WIP #5 - Further Progress

Hi one and All.

Quick Warlord update.
I've got the lower parts virtually done, a wash over 2 plates, and then a highlight as well as cable details to complete prior to them being completed.
The legs have had a wash with a Agrax/medium mix, I did this mix in a spare part to make sure the consistency was the same across the whole batch. This helped to prevent the wash forming puddles. once the wash was dry the entire section was drybrushed.
The only 'modification' I've had to make is the right lower leg guard. Due to the pose the armour plate was sat too low, as it was both forced against the other armour plates behind it, and was flush against the floor. Thus I've attached the guard slightly higher. which doesn't look out of place.
The 'toes' like the Warbringer have had gold detail trim added. I was toying with leaving it silver/agrax, however i am glad i took to the time to add the trim.
Left to do is a wash over the torso, then detail and highlight. The armour panels are all complete. From a weapon POV, the missile launchers are 90% done, with the Sunfury's 75%. Hopefully the Warlord will be complete before the end of the month..



  1. Coming on along great, keep at it! Can't wait to see the finished engine.

  2. Looking great mate, you are nearly done! Such speed I’m envious of! Lol. I’m still plodding along happily with mine ;)

  3. Looks fantastic ...
    My silly sense of humour I know but in the first picture I was reminded of the song the Hokey Cokey.

  4. thanks for all the positive comments!


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