17 May 2019

Legio Crucius - Warlord Titan - WIP #4 - Progress

Hi One and All,

Following another night away from work, I took a load of Warlord panels, and weapons with me to work on. I've added a wash to the gold trim, and now the panels are ready to be added to the body. Once here I will add highlights to the trim where required as some of the panels will be hidden or under other plates, thus no highlight would be needed.
Due to the shape of the head the checks haven't come out as true as I planned. Once I've finished the gold trim I will go back to the checks and tidy these up.
44 days until the walk to go... LH


  1. Sah-weeeeet! That Engine is coming along well. Makes me happy to be working at Adeptus Titanicus scale though. such a lot of work on the the BIG boys.


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