6 May 2019

Adeptus Mechanicus - Techpriest

Hi all, I thought I'd add a cheap HQ to the growing AdMech army but looking at my collection I already had a Titan Techpriest from the Reaver Titan and he languished on the display shelf - it was about time he got into the thick of the action, so he was re-based and a few additions of pistons and details then done.
In his first battle he went toe to toe with a Blood Angels Chaplain, admittedly on 1 wound, but managed to strike the Chaplain down and survived the battle!
He was already painted in Mars Forgeworld colours by Rich Gray who painted the Titans, so it was a win win and now I have a cheap HQ unit to help repair Mechanicus vehicles during the battle.
Here he is next to the actual Warlord HQ choice, the Techpriest Dominus dwarfing him in size, but a good cheap extra option.
And here is something I'm working on eventually, another Techpriest Dominus using spares from a Belasarius Cawl mini. I purchased Belasarius Cawl in the Triumvirate of the Imperium box set back in Warhammerfest but only just got around to checking the contents and 1 of the 3 sprues was missing (the guns parts), so I contacted GW, provided a receipt from the Warhammerfest transactions - there was a few! - and GW replaced the whole kit, bravo GW! With these leftovers I virtually have a whole mini, just weapon arms and a few gubbins missing, (I have the Ommnissah Axe-not pictured) but I can definitely use them. I removed the crest atop the carapace and trimmed down a few elaborate gubbins, added a spare weapon from the Kastelan Robots and the head from the Renegade Enforcers. Added a smaller 60mm base and a skull to step on, so he will have a smaller battlefield presence than Belasarius Cawl when I finally get around to him!

Cheers, Siph. (5 points for half rather than 10 for a Character)


  1. That Cawl build looks good. Why are more people not using that skull? It's brutal!

    1. Does it come with the Cawl kit? If it does then my 'IMPULSE BUY' button is flashing wildly.

    2. The Skull is from the Box of Skulls set. It never sat right with me that Cawl stands on a book of knowledge, but maybe that’s the point - he is unconventional

  2. Holy shit, that Dominus conversion is great! I've been looking for ideas to convert my own Dominuses, Dominae? Dominoes?! Thanks for sharing. I won't be stealing your idea because its too damn pricey but stoked that you essentially got it for free!

  3. Great work!
    I like how the higher they rise the less human they become....body horror that is often overlooked but is still chilling nonetheless.

  4. man, I agree...great Dominus conversion! And Congrats to the Tech Priest for his first battlefield victory!


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