12 Oct 2018

"You wait 10 years for a Titan, and another comes along..". Legio Crucius - Warhound Titan 'Wolfshead'

Hi One and All,

So the real project over the last 2 weeks is about finished, Warhound 'Wolfshead' of the Legio Crucius. The model arrived with me on the 18th September, and we are here today on the 12th October with the model built, painted and with Decals added! (that sound is Siph falling down in shock)
The model is not complete as I need to add some details to the model, and will be adding the crew and some 'new eyes' that I hope to have soon..
The model has been pinned, and I've added bolt/screws to the arms to allow the option to change the weapon load outs. To hide the nut, I've added them into a 25mm base, which then has the should pauldron magnetised to the nut inside. I think this works well and doesn't distract from the original model.
I've gone for a similar scheme to the Reaver, with a few differences including the checker board scheme added to the leg armour and carapace. The Reaver and Warhoud both share the scheme of the back armour, with a solid black panel on the right, and a black/white striped scheme on the left. Both models also have some red armour, again to tie them together.
Ready for the next Titan Walk on the 13th October.. hopefully for some 'Engine Kills' honours
I've made custom Decals for the Legio symbol, the Titan Owners club Heraldry and the name and number of the titan.
Thanks for looking! LH

Link to other titan post is HERE. (50 painting points - Completed Warhound Titan)


  1. (Now I’ve picked myself up off the floor) That is a great effort mate and superb timing, ready to face Lyden P’s Fureans Maniple tomorrow no doubt! Great stuff mate, now where did I put my airbrush... Warlord Dominus Victoria looks on in envy...

  2. Great stuff, some real speed and quality work there.

  3. Aaah, I knew there was a reason for the frenetic workpace.

    I look forward to hearing how the Titan Walk went.


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