3 Sept 2018

Terrain and Scenery - Sector Mechanicus - Galvanic Magnavent

Hi, welcome and thanks for dropping by. So, with the re-release of the Imperial Knights Renegade game I thought as before I would crack out the scenery before attempting the Knights. The previous Sanctum Imperialis can be seen HERE.
As usual I based the scenery on 3mm Hardboard (Fiberboard) and added the sand and PVA, the Galvanic Magnavent was put in the middle of the gantry so Tech-Adepts can service and monitor the machine spirit.
I used tape to mask off the guard rails and painted hazard stripes, initially on two panels but I liked it so much, I did every panel. I added a ladder for access and the kit comes with various chains / pulley / cranes / pipes etc.
Gotta love the skull head davit crane thing of the 41st Millennium... You can also see the centre Magnavent is washed with the magic Lahriam Fluid with 2 drops of Mournfang Brown wash mix, for a rusty aged look.
The gantry itself was a simple black undercoat, drybrushed Leadblecher and Trollslayer Orange, similar to my previous Mechanicus themed terrain pieces. I added a rock to the base for interest, the base was marked out where the gantry and vent sat, then painted and sand/PVA applied etc separate from the building, for ease of detailing the underside etc.
I weathered the fan assemblies and hazard stripes with Agrax Earthshade over the Tau Sept Ochre base.
I painted the Magnavent main chamber to add some colour and a few pipes and wires for interest.
I even picked out a number of the indicator glass valves, whilst the crane derrick skull was given a different glaze to the gantry to show the functionality.
Each guardrail had the Mechanicus Symbol picked out in black and white and Leadbelcher, with the numeral plaque in brass.
The walkway had a simple drybrush with a few cog symbols picked out, functional colour scheme.
The exhaust apparatus was given a soot finish and here you can see the surface area, plenty of room for entire squads to get a good view of the battlefield from up here.
The main Magnavent Control Panel received some detailing.
And even in the 41st Millennium its nice to see some Health and Safety at Work firefighting equipment, a nice extinguisher.  That will help when you stand in the fan assembly on the deck treads and lose a foot...

Hope you like this new addition and see how simple and effective a drybrush finish over this terrain can be. Cheers for stopping by, thanks, Siph. (5 points - Scenery)


  1. The brushed/aged steel effect is excellent. I've got to get off my butt and sort mine out at some point. Still not unpacked my Killteam scenery either. The fire extinguisher is just genius. Where did you get it? Its not in the kit is it?

  2. @ Monkey Chuka, it’s melded on the piece mate! Yeah, get some Terrain for those lovely Red Scorpions to fight over! It’s quick, forgiving and rewarding as you have a massive ‘thing’ done in half the time of a single Marine!

  3. Oh, very nice. Who doesn't like a galvanic magnavent ? But is there any off road parking ?

  4. Still churning out the scenery and putting me to shame. One day I'll get round to mine, one day!

    1. Alex, now you’ll have hobby time! Get to it

  5. Well done! I love a lot of this new terrain they've been pumping out, nowhere to store it though sadly.

  6. The 41st Millennium is grim and dark, but the health and safety executive still works tirelessly to prevent trips and slips! Nice work

  7. Nice scenery and effects!!

  8. @ Zzzzzz, off road... there are no roads, the Orky Bombardment saw to that before this world was bought to heel...
    @ Da Masta Cheef, you can assemble it 90% without gluing legs to platforms to be storable, and the pipes and cranes are all push fit on pegs.
    @ Sir Tainly, somehow this makes it more grimdark.
    @ Grajo, thanks mate.

  9. Great post Siph, I'm about to start working on my own sector mechanicus stuff and was thinking of painting it very much like this. You've convinced me that it's a good direction to go in :)


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