28 Sept 2018

WIP Pictures

Hi All,

So I've had a few projects I' m working on:

Daemon Prince,

I'm working on a named Daemon prince using the Lord of the Rings Balog model- Steady progress with the skin so far. I am planning to have a lighter toned skin for the wings, and a deep coloured deamon sword. I'm still in two minds whether to paint the 'fire' red/orange/yellow etc. 

I've got several flyers that are complete apart from the pilots, so whilst there was some sun this week I managed to get the 5 pilots undercoated red. These will be highlighted, then washed and then detailed.
 Reaver Titan.

The Reaver is in essence complete, the final few decals are added. I just need to get the battle board out to do the completed pictures..  Here are the knee pads completed.

 Thanks for looking!

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