10 Sept 2018

Legio Astorum Reaver Titan "Honorum" Up Gunned - WIP - Titan Carapace Weapon Conversion

Hello All, thanks for dropping by. So with TitanOwnersClub UK Walk completed I couldn't help notice that the opposing Titans were maxed out for Titan killing with Turbo Laser power - making me feel mighty Honorum Apoc Launcher has a place, but not on the Titan Vs Titan battlefield... so the trusty Tech Adepts have sourced some new firepower. That said, it was the Apoc Launcher that finished off a wounded Warlord, earning Honorum a lovely battle honour - yet to do - I'm thinking crossed axes to denote Warlord kill.
As Titan lovers know, the FW range of Reaver Carapace Weapons does not extend very far at all, however thankfully the "no rules for minis we don't produce" has not reached as far as the FW Imperial Armour Index. The dual Turbo Laser Destructor is a hefty S16, ideal for wounding the T16 Warlord, Reaver triple Laser Blaster are only S10 - so the ideal weapon for the Carapace is a dual Turbo Laser Destructor. The choice was either buy the FW Imperial Primus Redoubt for a pricey sum and sell the board - its weapon was initially designed for the Reaver - or buy a Warhound Laser and convert, for less money I also picked up the Reaver Volcano Cannon too, up-gunning the Gatling Blaster arm....
So using a tube cap at the requisite diameter, spare weapon cowlings from a Stormtalon and some greenstuff and a magnet, I fashioned the mounting.
To cover the arm slot on top (for Warhound) I used a spare top of the Galvanic Magnavent as a hatch piece, some range ruler offcuts, some Leman Russ bits and a bit of sprue.
The illusion that this was always here was with the addition of a ladder from the Sector Mechanicus kits, and a functional access to the hatch.
I angled the small cuts on the lid to get a slight downward tilt so the rear would clear the Carapace when rotated,
I then constructed the rest of the barrels as normal using JB Weld and some clamps.
As you can see, it does the job nicely, once painted to match will look the part. I still prefer the Reaver, ahem, I mean Primus Redoubt turret, but that will be for the next Reaver... dual Triple Laser Blasters and dual Turbo Laser Destructors - 8 barrels for Titan slaying like our opposition Lynden P's glorious Engines.
I know, a Titan progress, but wrong Titan...a departure from doing the Warlord which is slowly progressing, but couldn't resist having a play getting a believable Warhound arm as a carapace mount. It should look good enough once painted up.

Hobby Butterfly Syndrome takes me wonderful places, time to get back to the Warlord... perhaps. Cheers, Siph.


  1. Really like this Siph - been considering doing something similar myself! I'd love to use the FW turbo laser from the defence redoubt but I just can't justify the cost for one weapon! I might have a go at sculpting the clam-shell armour over a Warhound Turbo and see how it goes! Anyway, great work; look forward to seeing it painted up on the ToC :)

    1. Thanks! And keep us posted on your attempts too! Volcano Cannon is well underway before the hobby butterfly makes me do another project before I’ll get this weapon painted up. The Warlord is staring at me! Neglected...

    2. Also, with reference to the index strength for the triple turbos; I'd always assumed that was a typo? Nothing in the FAQs - just don't get why it would be so much less powerful than its smaller cousin!

  2. An ambitious upgrade! Came out great and will look awesome with some paint.

  3. Nice work, I actually like this better than the FW version. I have been thinking about something similar... but as I am building a warlord with a laser and a launchers I realized I have one laser over from the dual pair you have to buy for the war lord. As far as I can judge the diameter of the plug is the same as for the Reaver so it should slot in without any modifications.. it has one barrel to much... but it would look cool. I will test it on my Reaver that I have to see how it looks and if it is cool enough I might need to get a new Reaver to go with it.

  4. DAM, thanks
    Rory, cheers. I’ve seen some done the other way but I prefer the right way up.
    Agis, nice thinking but I think a little too big and long. If you like it, you can swap a barrel out for a targeter or something?
    Goddenzilla, at first I thought that too, but i guess the third barrel dilutes the power drain from the Reactor? They are listed as different weapon names, 3D3 x 2D6 for Reaver Laser Blaster vs 2D3 x 2D6 Dual Turbo Laser Destructor so at least gives the Warhound a sniping purpose.

  5. Gorgeous. I really like the little touches to make it blend in and seem like a proper fixture.

  6. Sweet conversion! Wouldn't of noticed it was one if I hadn't read the article...definitely an improvement!

  7. Thanks Zzzzzz, thanks Malthus, high praise indeed, cheers! I’ve basecoated it in Leadblecher so far and it looks like a FW piece more now.


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