16 Oct 2015

Hobby Time Refreshment

Now, the most of us are at some time unlucky enough to have to work with people who do not understand the hobby we love. They say "Toy Soldiers, childish, Dungeons and Dragons, Weirdo, Geek"... we've heard them all - the ignorant heretics! Ha. Pay them little or no attention. For those lucky enough to work with accepting people - awesome.

Anyway, my most excellent GF bought me this mug to take to my new workplace and I thought it would be a great way of signalling to those like minded individuals without causing a kerfuffle... don't get me wrong, when asked about my hobby or what I get up to in my time off I will tell them proudly, but for many they like to keep it quiet, which is a shame. But this way - they will know they can talk to me straight.

So, to all of you closet geeks out there - Hello, my name is Siph and I am a wargamer. (real names can be abused/stolen/de-frauded - nothing about shame before you ask, just internet savvy)

Hope you like my mug, I do. What do you say when asked about your hobbies? Tell them straight or keep it quiet? Let me know in the comments.

More (actual) hobby related stuff soon - from me... the warp seems to have swallowed the other WeeMen contributors Lord Halfpenny and 6thDegree ;)  Ha Ha


  1. Where did she get it from, that's what I want to know!

    I paint at my desk during my lunchbreak so there's no hiding away with me. I have tried to convince the odd person to start a collection, but no joy as yet.

  2. Ditto! Where'd it come from?

  3. I recently did a presentation about my hobby for a job interview (and got it I might add) so there is no hiding for me :D. I am proud of my hobby and all the friends I have made through it.

  4. Hi guys, it was www.tshirtstudio.com and they do international postage too.

  5. Hmm... how long until you accidentally rinse your brush and take a sip of tea? I used to do that regularly. Nice mug shot though :P

    1. I do this all the time. Nearly rinse my brush in my tea!

      @siph Only a handful of my colleagues know about my hobby. They already think I'm a massive geek though so I dunno why I keep it secret!?!

  6. @ Zab, about 5mins!

    @ From the Fang, Alex, ah but do they know you run a geek tournament? That's proper geeky ;)

  7. Dear Siph Horridus. Oh, now I've read it and had to write it, I've realised that it's 'Horridus' not 'Horroditus', which is how I've been hearing it in my head when I chat with the voices.

    Generally, there are some of my friends who are S/FRPG players, some (mostly made online through Devos IV) who are table top gamers). Others with whom the subject does not come up as we talk about other things; climbing, running, children, religion, politics and other less contentious subjects.

    And yes, the Zzzzz pesudoname is an attempt to prevent feckin microsoft from connecting my private and professional lives.

  8. Ha, ha, I've just read that back and I sound 'right wound up. Better take a chill pill...

  9. @Zzzzzz, nah mate, you is alright. We all have the voices, it's the Emperor's tarot I reckon, a shining beacon of the astronomican burning into our psyche through the humdrum of everyday real life... Ha


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