27 Oct 2015

BlogWars X - This time it's numeral...

Hello Readers, welcome. Alex from over at From the Fang has been running now 10 BlogWars friendly tournaments, aimed at not having super net-list combo WAAC lists and a more friendly all-comers attitude, with the inclusion of some tailored rules to reduce OP rules and a compulsory Character choice. After the unpopularity of 4 Imperial Knights last time, these have now been capped to two also - Alex reads the feedback and endeavors to make it an enjoyable experience for all attending. He also runs it at non-profit, ploughing the ticket money into raffle prizes and certificates. Good stuff Alex, and thank-you for organising another one.

I attended two of the previous BlogWars and I am proud to say the contributors to WeeMen have attended EVERY BlogWars to date.

The next one is in less than two weeks time and this time will be no different, with all three of us attending! It should be a great weekend of battles and a visit to Warhammer World on the Sunday! Need's me some SM Command Tanks and a visit to the exhibition hall!

So, now for Army choices... I've chosen Space Marines and Adeptus Mechanicus, my love of the Relictors has no bounds but a nice contingent of Ad Mech will give me a chance to try out new Miniatures and units, and give me a chance to field the recently purchased Kastelan Maniple. I'll get a list and phots up soon.


  1. Good luck ! Give 'em fluffy hell....

  2. Looking forward to meeting you guys there :). Gonna be another cracker I reckon

  3. I'll see you there with my Squats, as usual. This time I will not have played a game for 2-3 months as our new baby is keeping me pretty busy (sleep is for losers, apparently) so if you see me, nudge me to wake me up!


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