29 Jun 2015

Terrain and Scenery - Plasma Obliterator Finished

Hello Folks, thanks for stopping by. Here is my latest addition to the scenery on my games table, the Limited Edition GW Plasma Obliterator! I got this kit, opened it and for once got on with it and actually painted it rather than have it sitting there for ages as grey plastic scenery but took me a while to get it posted! Lord Halfpenny if you are reading.... you have lots to do. The GW release of Leadbelcher, Zandri Dust and Rhinox Hide in a spray can should speed buildings up nicely.
I opted for a rather worn torn drab colour scheme to match my Bastion and away from the garish GW scheme of bright blues and golds. Although the relief panels deserved some gold, mine is Brazen Brass (old... Dwarf Bronze or now Hashut Copper) undercoat, Shining Gold (Gehennas Gold), Devlan Mud Wash (Agrax Earthshade), drybrush Shining Gold and then Mithril Silver (Runefang Steel). The rest of the panels are spray can Leadbelcher and washes with some nice Typhus Corrosion on parts to show age. I dry brushed the very bottom to match the Calthan Brown on all my bases.
The blue plasma coils were fun to do, but the photo has washed out some of the graduation from Ultramarine Blue (Altdorf Guard Blue) to Lothern Blue and Skink Blue drybrush and blend of White Scar and Skink Blue. I kept the palette quite small with touches of colour for red lenses and white Aquilas so not to distract from the main party - plasma blue!
I suppose it wouldn't be the Imperium if they didn't embellish the power of the Emperor made manifest with some gold!
I'm looking forward to using this on a battlefield soon! It should make a nasty white hot plasma burn mark on someones forces! Hope you like and thanks for reading.


  1. Very cool - That turned out looking fantastic, man!

  2. Loving this. Love the gold man, good work :)

  3. Well done. How was your experience putting this kit together? It has been by far the worst kit I have had to assemble.

  4. Thanks for your comments guys. Turkadactyl, it was a horrible kit to put together. I ignored the stage by stage as they wouldn't fit against the centre column bit, so I glued the four corner pieces of the platform first, then glued these together, then inserted the centre column. You can see the wonky bits in the pictures. Then I glued the uprights once the rest was quite firm but not set, these needed gentle persuasion. But it looks good once done!

  5. Looks really awesome. Great work! I heard this kit was awful to assemble as well. It's nice to see one done so well though!

  6. Very nice. Such an imposing kit.


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