5 Jun 2015

Blog Wars 9.. the list

Hi all,

Wow- what a challenge- the good news is that my Imperial Knight/Dark Angels list is complete, and ready for Blog Wars.. the bad news is that my Imperial Knight/Dark Angels army is complete and ready for Blog Wars.. I've managed to complete the force including glow effect eyes and weapons on the Dark Angels, and LED lights in the new addition to my Knights- a Warden.

 How the force looked 12 days ago
 How the force looked at the start of the week
 The force- ready for Blog Wars

I will post more Pictures of the army in the coming week, however he is a couple of shots of the force in its glory. I have opted to not add any transfers to the Knights yet.. the plan is to add loads of kill markers after blog wars...

I will also do a post about how I put the LED lights into the Knights, its a cheats way, with no need for any electrical expertise- I'm sure some will say 'you can't do it that way' but it works- and is straightforward enough..

Right, time to pack the force and head North- see you at Blog Wars!!!


  1. That's fantastic! Such a cool list, cause you barely have to transport everything. I came up with a similar idea for LVO, but did it with ork walkers and a stompa and ended up 14 walkers...oops

  2. Thanks Greg- I wanted something to compliment the 3 Knights, rather than just have some cannon fodder in support, the Terminators should be able to hold there own in a fight, and in a weird way fluff wise it works- 3 knights going to war- the Dark Angels are in support looking for the fallen... beware Chaos..

  3. When I get round to having a Knight I'm actually going to have a Dark Angel piloting it and he'll be run like Gerantius, I've got a lovely fluff idea of what happened during the Horus Heresy on the planet I base most of my armies.

    Anyway, glad you got it complete and will see you tomorrow, although hopefully not on the battlefield as I have absolutely nothing to counter Knights. Well that's not true I can get into assault and maybe do a bit of damage [like a Hull Point] but I'm not likely to survive the ensuing combat :(

    1. You never know Dave, you might win a knight!

  4. Well done on getting it all completed :) must have been a mammoth effort.

    I don't think my army has anything to deal with 3 knights either so I hope we meet only in person and not on the battlefield :D

    See you tmoz

  5. Looks great mate. Looking forward to seeing them tomorrow. I expect to hear stories of things you've "hurled" with the warden!

  6. Wow. That is a low model count force. Hope you have a blast with it!


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