20 Sept 2013

WIP- Centurions

Hi all,

A really quick post about my current WIP- Devastator Centurions.

These 6 are all armed with the Grav-Cannons, which following a recent battle with the6thdegree are simply amazing- thus I had to arm these guys all with them. 3 of them also have missile pods, whilst the other 3 have hurricane bolters.

Having played with the overall appearance, I've opted to break away from GW, and have the arms so that they don't match- each pair has corresponding icons etc- however I think they look more dynamic with changing the arms- for some reason the 'pairs' don't really go together..

I've also opted to use Grey Knight Paladin helmets- I'm really not a fan of the centurions head, thus I had a root through my bit box and found the Grey Knight helms, and weirdly I think they suit the models- they look different, and also more 'armoured'

I'm planning on adding addition icons/seals to these following their successful destruction of Abbadon and his terminator bodyguard in my last battle..

Thanks for looking!

Further images of the Grey Knight helmets- I'll upload better images at a later date as I progress with these:


  1. Probably need a close up of one of them. Cannot really make out any details at that scale to see a different head and such.

  2. hi eriochrome- further pictures added to the post, sorry if there not the greatest of quality..

    I'll get some 'closer' pictures done next month with my new camera..

  3. Adding the Grey Knight heads was exactly what these models needed. When I first saw the WD pics, I groaned...I couldn't believe how stupid they look.

    The subtle change you have effected give them that je ne sais quoi that was missing. If they had looked like that in the box, I might have been compelled to get some.

    Kudos, sir.


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