23 Sept 2013

Welcome Home Siph! - Ooh Pressies!

Well, I'm finally back from sea and decided to treat myself to some new purchases, darn it GW... my plastic crack habit bites the wallet again and my Necrons will play second fiddle again to the newest miniatures on the block...

I bought myself a Stalker/Hunter, some Centurions and a Tactical Squad - for the new Grav Weapons and one or two new poses. How I'm gonna justify a 11th squad of Battle Brothers I don't know! ;)  And waiting for me was the gamers edition of Apoc with the massive Vortex Grenande carry case! Anyone else missing the Formation Cards... I got the amended Daemon ones in the post but don't yet have the originals they replace?

I'm glad 6thDegree and Lord H have been keeping me upto date with their respective projects whilst i've been away and now the Weeman trophy resides up North for a while... Well, hello avid readers, I'm back for a few weeks so hope to get some weemen painted and posted before I disappear back to sea to go hunt for pirates... and sunken ships, I kid you not!


  1. Welcome back to dry land. I like the hunter model but the stalker seems like the better pick. To bad they are so pricey in dollars and questionable use in game.

  2. Welcome back man! Don't like the Centurians...they are pretty evil!

    Don't worry about the Weemen trophy, it has a nice new shelf to reside over all my geek tariff and I am sure it will see the south again soon enough...

  3. Welcome back, man! Looking forward to seeing how the new marines come together. I definitely want to get one of those stalker/hunter kits!

  4. Great to have you back, looking forward to seeing what you have to come.

  5. Cheers Fella's.

    Churning out some Centurions as i type... I think I'll go Stalker with this first tank and buy a Hunter later or make one with bits... only the tank side panels and a small aerial used on both kits. A normal Rhino with the Hunter will look fine... helps out with cost eriochrome?


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