25 Sept 2013

Iron Warriors - Vindicator

Hi guys – sorry for the sporadic posts of late…geek’age is still happening up North…just at a slower rate of late.
Anyhow, here is a little toy I’ve had finished for a month or two but not had chance to take pics of yet – my first Iron Warrior Vindicator.

I picked the tank up of eBay randomly for an absolute steal of £10.50 – and it came with FW IW doors and some light chain-work conversions which I quite liked so kept.  I simply knocked together a quick combi-bolter to reduce the likelihood of those annoying weapon destroyed results.

It was painted up in my typical IW style and then treated to a lifetime of battering and weathering.

Only had one game with it so far – where it helped destroy Lord H’s Contemptor and made his Centurions very nervous indeed (S10 AP1 will insta gib the entire unit with no saves allowed…) – so pretty happy with the results so far!


  1. Awesome work, man! Really dig how that turned out - awesome work on the weathering!

  2. Great paint job fella, will have to come see them and win the trophy back ;)

  3. Very nice paint job :)

    Btw the Vindicator is AP2 and the Centurions will get cover if they are in terrain :)

  4. Nice stuff - I love the hazard stripes.

  5. Cheers for the comments guys.

    Thanks for the correction Mark - I can never remember the stats very...all I know is they would make a mess of Centurians...


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