9 Sept 2013

golden demons awards... a thought

Hi all,

A very random post, but I just wanted to see what your thoughts are about the golden demon awards.

'why' you may be asking? will whilst I was surfing eBay the other day, I noticed a #seller' selling a model which is his golden demon award- with the buyer not receiving the model until after games day UK (the buyer doesn't get the golden demon if he wins)

again- you might be thinking 'why are you talking about this eBay lot?'

within the description, it is indicated that the model wasn't painted by him, but by a professional artist as a commission piece- I've never entered golden demon, or having seen some entries for golden demon I know I could never win as my skills aren't there- but if (and when maybe) I ever put forward a model for an entry I would be happy to know that I put forward my best, and that if that wasn't good enough at least I tried. There may be people that feel it is OK to enter commission pieces into golden demon, but is it really in the spirit of the competition?

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  1. Whether it is in the spirit of the competition or not doesn't matter, it is directly against the rules. They explicitly state that the entry must be the work of one person and that you can only enter pieces that you have painted yourself. Although the Judges can't have seen all of the internet, they keep an eye on the usual winners and many of the commission painters who would likely have a decent chance of winning. I have seen someone trying to argue that his piece should be in the final judging (again, against the rules, as the judges won't enter discussion about the decisions) only to be told by one of the staff at the stand that he had seen the piece in question on a commission site where he knew the artist. I'd hope all cheaters would get caught out, or that any commission artists who know/suspect someone is trying to do this would either mar their work so it won't win (cheating the cheater out of the fee they paid), but sadly as long as there is competition, there will always be someone trying to work their way around it.


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