1 May 2013

Cheer Up Blogsphere!

I thought I'd lighten the mood with all this doom and gloom surrounding the GW zealous and harsh dealings (albeit somewhat justified IMHO when dealing with IP and Copyright issues - I don't wish to enter a debate about) with fan sites such as Faeit212 blog and BoLs having 'technical' probs, and jolly well cheer us up. I've decorated my Bathroom to match the colour scheme of my Imperial Guard Vraks PDF. Just don't tell the significant other!....   ... "Yes Dear, it matches the towels" hee hee hee ;)

###EDIT: Faeit212 back up and running! Good to see. ###


  1. Hah! That's awesome, siph! Nice work!

  2. Plus you can paint in the bathroom without messing anything up! Think of all the extra hobby time!

  3. Great job! I used to have almost exactly that colour scheme for my IG back in the day. Unfortunately, I got lazy and changed it all to green. yay. Nice to see I wasn't crazy! And yours looks freakin' awesome!

  4. Thanks everyone! I does match the towels, honest.

  5. Genius!

    Reckon I could get away with a Catachan Dark Angels Green combo for mine?

    "...honestly, Love: it's a new craze sweeping the internet...!"

  6. Give it a go Drax, I'll back you up (from afar, lol)


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