16 Feb 2013

Relictors Drop Pod Project Progress Update - WIP

Continuing with my 4 Pod Project to add to my one Drop Pod already done, the above photo shows the stage I am now at, with slow but steady progress over the last few weeks.  The warning stripes on the doors are slow progress as are the actual doors themselves. I am studying for an advanced maths exam about 22yrs after my last school maths lesson so hobby time is limited to winding down after Differentiation, Integration, Matrices and Newton's Method wizardry...  e, i and Pi... ouch brain hurts!
The engine blocks are now done, the single one above is a FW one that comes with the Deathstorm Missile Pod so will also be a feature in the Lucius Dreadnought Pod along with the Chapterhouse Studios Door Armour too, giving the Dreadnought a little more headroom... it will be magnetised so I can swap out the Deathstorm Launcher (see here).
The central columns are now done as well, so the interiors are pretty much completed, just some doors and weapons to do and then I get to put together 4 more pods - remembering the little quirks of fitting the Sergeant's harness correctly and I've already filed the 'bottom' of the doors to close properly etc...

Although the result would be worth it, I think I wouldn't attempt 4 at once ever again, 20 doors, 20 Vanes, 30 Harnesses etc is too much. Each Pod is like a Landraider surface area! Getting tantalisingly close now, I hope to post soon with lift off (or drop off)! Thanks for reading.

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