25 Feb 2013

Relictors Drop Pod Project Progress - WIP Deathstorm

Just a quick post showing the latest progress with the 4 Pod Project - I'm nearly done, only 7 doors and two Stormbolters left, huzzah! This is the missile payload from the FW Deathstorm Drop Pod, a nice piece showing a lot of explosive potential! I've opted for a Tausept  Ochre coloured missile to match with my 2nd Whirlwind missiles and the yellow hazard chevrons from the pod doors. The brass coloured ends are meant to signify a simple fusing cap.
This has been magnetised underneath to enable me (with some clever jiggery pokery of the actual pod) to remove this payload from within and have an empty Dreadnought Pod instead. More of that later once painting has been completed, but it works like a dream and has an added hidden benefit when working with the Chapterhouse Studio's Armoured Drop Pod doors...

...To see how I've magnetised it see my earlier post showing the WIP gubbins.


  1. Looking good.. I think I forget just how many parts there are to a drop pod.. Man, it takes ages to paint them properly.. Not that I ever have bothered to! Lol

    Can't wait to see all 7 in one shot.. I'm sure it'll look amazing othe tabletop, there's something about a drop pod army that is just an impressive sight on the table..

    Keep it up Siph!

  2. Only 5 Fella!! 7 would be madness.

    Cheers mate.


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