27 Feb 2013

Relictors Deathstorm or Lucius Dreadnought Drop Pod Interchageable Conversion

This is one of my four Pods under construction at the moment, the Support Pod if you will, either a FW Deathstorm Drop Pod or played as an empty Pod as a Dreadnought Drop Pod or for a few more points (and assault vehicle rule) a Lucius Dreadnought Drop Pod. Note the Chapterhouse Studio Armoured Doors on the outside of the open doors (looks thicker) - I'll post outside appearance photos next post when transfers have been applied and the Pods finished.
By use of several magnets seen in an earlier post (here), I am able to take out the Missile Pod from within the Drop Pod and rebuild the pod without any innards, except the nice FW Sensor piece in the deckhead of the interior - a Lucius Drop Pod doesn't have any weapons within, so this is rather fitting, and gives the Dreadnought more overhead clearance too!
The photo above shows the Pod once the engine block and vanes have been lifted up straight off the petal base, leaving the Missile Pod magnetised to the deck plate and the doors.
Above shows the magnets on the deck plate and within the Missile Pod, the other deck protrusions are from the FW Deathstorm kit with flexi-hoses trimmed off so I can remove the outer vanes without catching on the base plate. I used 5 magnets of same polarity so the Missile Pod always remains lined up with the door openings.
The above picture shows the two sub-assemblies, and the magnets on the inside edge of the end of the vanes and in the grooves in the petal base plate. Totally hidden once the pod is constructed once more.
Finally, the above photo shows the Pod constructed without the Deathstorm Launcher, configured for the Dreadnought Drop Pod or as a Lucius Dreadnought Drop Pod.

Hopefully this helps and gives someone out there inspiration to buy a FW Deathstorm and convert - two pods for the price of one! (Again, if you want to see how I magnetised - see here).

I will post the exterior shots in the next post, with a cautionary note about using the Chapterhouse Studios Armoured Drop Pod doors (lovely pieces that give weight to the outward appearance of the Pod and mark it apart from the run-of-the-mill other Pods nicely) but need a little care and attention to operate/fix correctly.

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  1. looks brilliant mate, I'm sure a lot of work has gone into magnetizing it - great job!


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