9 Jan 2013

Terrain and Scenery - Crashed Aquila Lander Spacecraft

Continuing with my terrain series, whilst the terrain bug has hit I am making the most of it. Today I finished a piece I've had for a fair few years, the Crashed Aquila Lander spacecraft set from Battle of Macragge boxset - I noticed on the GW site, they are now selling this piece as a stand alone kit for about 20 quid.
I mounted the pieces on 3mm hardboard I'd cut out with a jigsaw and sanded smooth the edges, they were attached with copius amounts of PVA and then I added some GW basing sand and painted to match all of my other pieces and bases, Caltahn Brown, drybrushed Kommando Khaki and Bleached Bone. Finally I added some flock for spot colour and... done!
The smaller wing tips have been included into the larger piece. I've also added some transfers, a little drybrush of Macharius Orange on the Boltgun Metal areas suggests an aged wreck, plus some drybrushing of the mud colours on to the lower regions of the pieces to tie them into the base.
Finally a look at the open end of the cockpit piece, I filled it with offcuts of Cities of Death building panels to simulate the innards of a tech ship. Hope you like, can't wait to have a battle over all the lovely painted terrain I have done so far - Lord Halfpenny is coming this weekend with some Daemons so we'll take some pics.

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  1. Looking nice! Just out of interest - what is you plan for when you run out of Calthan Brown? Mines been getting watered down more and more as I've been running out and the GW 'alternative' is nowhere near the same colour...

  2. Did you happen to see if the pilot model was included with the terrain on GWs site?

  3. The GW Scenery kit for painting the Realm of Battle comes with a HUGE pot of Calthan Brown!! Endless supply!

    Tristan, I think not - unless he was on the same sprue which I don't think he was :(


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