13 Jul 2012

Warmachine - Khador Winterguard Squad

I haven’t played a huge amount of Warmachine recently with Blog Wars 3 prep and the roll-up to 40K 6th Ed, but that hasn’t stopped me painting up my Warmachine army.

Here we have a complete Khador Winterguard squad which comprises of 9 Winterguard Infantry, a Sergeant, a pair of Winterguard Rocketeers, a Winterguard Command Squad and Winterguard character Kovnic Joseph Grigorovich.

Individually the Winterguard are relatively weak, but their strength lies in numbers and synergy with each other; the addition of the Command Squad allows extra Orders and combined attacks, which Kovnic Joe has a choice of Inspiring Speeches which make the unit hit harder or more resilient. When the unit is working correctly – they can be extremely tough.

Kovnic Joesph Grigorovich

Winterguard Command Squad

Winterguard Sergeant

Winterguard Infantry

Winterguard Rocketeers

 Winterguard Squad

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