8 Jul 2012

6th Ed Nids vs Grey Knights Battlerep

Me and Greylamb (from the Sheep of War blog) had our first 6th Ed game; I was obviously running my Nids and Greylamb was rocking his Grey Knights. It was a small (1250pts) game with varied lists to get the hang of the new rules.

Flyrant (Twin Linked Devourers/Old Adversary/ 2x Psychic Powers)
Tervigon (Crushing Claws/ Adrenal Glands/ Toxin Sacks/ 2x Psychic Powers)
3x Tyranid Warriors (Lash Whips & Boneswords/ Deathspitters)
20x Termagants
21x Termagants
2x Hive Guard
2x Hive Guard
Carnifex (2x Twin Linked Devourers)

I managed to get quite a lot for my pts with this list. The Flyrant was expensive but I wanted to play the new Flying MC rules. Tyranid Warriors don’t normally get a look in with the amount of S8 that can get thrown out, but I thought I would risk it. I’m still not a fan of Tervigons, but they can be useful in smaller games; the Carnifex and Hive Guard were there to take care of any mech that got in range.

Greylamb took something like:
5x Terminators (1x Psycannon)
5x Terminators (1x Psycannon)
5x Purifiers (Rhino)
Rifleman Dreadnaught

We played with 1 objective each – mine went in a forest in my deployment zone and Greylambs went behind cover in the middle of his deployment. We both rolled for Warlord traits but didn’t use them (they seemed pretty useless in this game – maybe they work better in bigger games).

We both decided to swap out our standard psychic powers for rolls on the new powers. Greylamb rolled Divination and got ‘Prescience’, ‘Precognition’ and ‘Scriers Gaze’ (Divinations not that great IMO). I went for Biomancy (awesome) and my Flyrant got ‘Iron Arm’ (woot – great against GKs!) and ‘Warp Speed’ and the Tervigon got ‘Enfeeble’ and ‘Haemorrage’.

I rolled first turn and set everything up on the left flank around my objective. Greylamb deployed the Rifleman and Purifiers – everything else went in Reserve. GKs then stole the initiative.
Turn 1
GK: The Rifleman shuffled forward and the Rhino popped smoke. The Rifleman opened up on the Flyrant but only managed score one wound and the Flyrant passed its Grounded tests.
Nids: The Flyrant used Iron Arm to boost to S/T9 and took to the skies (Swooping). Everything else pushed forwards. 
The Flyrant opened up on Rhino and stripped 2 Hull Points (already loving Hull Points!). We then remembered the smoke and both shots were saved.

Turn 2
GK: A shocking Reserve roll (you only need 3+ on T2 now...) only brought in a single squad of Terminators who Deep Striked right in front of my forces. The Rifleman and Rhino opened up on the Flyrant again but missed with everything. The Terminators fired into the nearest brood of Gants killing about 8.
Nids: The Flyrant used ‘Iron Arm’ again and boosted to S/T7 and used its Vector Strike on the Rhino – but failed to even glance (Vector Strike is overrated IMO as you have to use your unmodified S). The Tervigon spawned a small brood of Gants (and pooped out...) who moved onto my objective. 
The rest of my force encircled the Terminators making sure I would still get a charge even after Overwatch wounds and a poor Charge roll.
One brood of Hive Guard fired into the Rifleman and stripped 2 Hull Points. The Flyrant unleashed on the Rhino with Devourers but rubbish rolls meant that nothing happened. Everything else fired into the Terminators killing 3 of them (given that I threw about 50+ shots at them that was some good saving!). The smaller brood of Gants charged the remaining Terminators, losing a couple to overwatch and got the charge in. A few more Gants died together with another Terminator (leaving 1).

Turn 3
GK: The Stormraven and Terminators (with Librarian) finally turned up – the Termi’s near the GK objective and the Stormraven right next to the Flyrant. The Purifiers disembarked and shot at the Flyrant together with the Rhino and Rifleman, but failed to hurt it (the Flyrant passed its Grounded tests again). The Stormraven opened up on the Flyrant with everything it had and Skyfire really came into effect; 4 unsavable wounds were placed onto the Flyrant who only had 3 wounds left – so the Flyrant had no choice but to Dive (Jink) to save itself. 
It made 2 saves and its Grounded Tests and dropped to a single wound. The Termi stayed locked in combat after passing more saves.
Nids: The Flyrant used ‘Iron Arm’ again and went to S/T9 again and chose to Glide. Everything pushed forward towards the newly arrived Terminator squad. Hive Guards finished off the Rifleman (first blood VP!).
The Flyrant charged the Purifiers; amusingly they had nothing that could hurt the T9 Flyrant after they failed Cleansing Flame (thank you SitW). The Flyrant easily butchered the entire squad. The lone Termi remained locked in combat with the Gants.

Turn 4
GK: The Terminators shuffled around and the Stormraven moved the middle of the board. The Termi’s (along with the Librarians various blessings) opened up on the second Gant brood and killed about half of them. The Stormraven unleashed on the Flyrant again and the only thing to hurt it was the damn Mindstrike missiles...killing the Flyrant (VP to the GKs). The lone Termi in combat survived another round of combat!
Nids: More advancing towards the Terminator squad – if I can lock them in combat I might be able to sneak onto their objective if the game drags on. 
Time to take down the Stormraven (hoping for lots of 6’s to hit due to no Skyfire). A brood of Hive Guard went first and hit with 2 out of 4 shots and managed to penetrate and roll 6 on the damage chart – talk about luck (well...kind of luck...the Stormraven then crashed onto some nearby Gants killing them)! With that out of the way, everything shot up the Terminators killing a pair of them. The Termi stayed locked in combat.

Turn 5
GK: The Terminators high-tailed it towards their objective seeing what was coming. The lone Termi still made all its saves.
Nids: My Nids chase them and the Termi with the blessed armour still sat there – we rolled for next turn and the game ended 2-1VPs to Nids!

Overall – the new rules seemed really good! The game was only 1250pts but seemed to flow really quickly (I think it lasted about an hour). The new Psychic powers worked really well (mine at least) and wound allocation was nowhere near as complicated as we anticipated. The only contentious point was the Flyrants ‘Dive’ manoeuvre...it is the same rule as ‘Jink’ which gives a 5+ cover save; 4+ if you are going Flat Out. The confusing thing is only vehicles get to go Flat Out, despite Swooping being exactly the same. We rolled off to decide if it got a 4+ or a 5+ and ended up playing it as RAW (5+).

Can’t wait to get another game in!


  1. 6th edition has (imo) made Nids a good choice to take again. everything has been hit with a reset button which is nice. im not massively impressed with the new psychic powers i think the standard ones in the codex are better.

    i'm currently trying to make as many Carnifex (2x Twin Linked Devourers) as i can. ap - is no long annoying and nids now can glance things to death!

  2. Nice battle report and well done on the win. I have to say though that table cloth is making me trip out!


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