6 Sept 2011

WIP Daemon Prince

Hi All!!

Here is a couple of shots of one of my many projects! as revealed a few weeks ago I'm moving away from the Ultramarine Blue, and building a Daemon force. My first models is my Khorne Daemon Prince, a former mighty space marine, that has reached the pinnacle- and has gained full daemonhood- his sole mission now- to gain Skulls for the Blood God...For the model I've added the wings form the DP kit, an expensive upgrade but worth it as it means I can get into Combat quicker.
The plan is to paint the DP's skin red, to represent Khorne, however I'm still undecided with regards the armour- I have found an old pot of 'midnight blue' which might go quite nicely, the other option is to have black armour with a contrasting bright colour within the recesses of the armour- either a green, or a bright red. For the sword I'm planning to go for a deep purple, with a red glow within the recess.The aim is to have the daemon army ready for a WEEMAN 3000 point, 3 way at GW HQ- towards the end of October, (more about this to follow soon... Jedi)

1 comment:

  1. Love that model - I want one for my Warriors of Chaos army.

    I can see blue armour working there...


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