17 Apr 2010

Relictors Landraider Redeemer 'Zeus'

Meet the latest addition to the ever expanding Relictors Battle Company. 'Zeus' the Landraider Redeemer. This will give me some well earned firepower against the bad dice rolls I usually have. Since I play Pornstarjedi's Ultramarines mostly, the Strength 6, AP3, Template weapon the Flamestorm cannons give is a must for up close and personal death to the loyal lapdogs. Of course he know's that too so the plan is still to build another two Landraiders, a Crusader for the immense transport capacity, and a Godhammer 'normal' Landraider - because I can.
I've painted the inside of this one, however on completion, the doors are fiddly and don't operate correctly, so I reckon the next two will not get painted inside - see previous post - but at least I know it's done.
All the Gemstones, lenses and scopes have been 'Ard Coated to simulate glass and the Multi-Melta was mounted on a carved up HK missile I wasn't using. I thought the spindle on the turret mounted MM was too flimsy and I didn't want anyone poking out the hatches on my first Landraider. Maybe the next. With the Machine Spirit, a MM is a must I reckon - well, that or the Assault Cannons... depends how many marines survive the Flamestorm...The real Zeus can be found here in the previous WIP post.I used the Forgeworld Red Scorpion doors for this Landraider Redeemer with a skull to match some of my Rhino's doors taken from the bright green wound markers in AOBR, I have a set of Terminator Honour FW doors for the Crusader and finally I might do a bog standard set of doors on the third. Oh.. there is always a Terminus for Apoc...
Hope you like, bigger pics in the Finished Relictors Web Album in the right hand bar>>>

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