12 Apr 2010

Reaver Titan Honorum - Warp Runners - more pics

Because I can and to show Pornstarjedi more pics, here are a few more angles and dangles, firstly the Carapace Servitor hard wired in the deckhead...
Next the crew of Honorum and their shiny new titan. Got to love those lenses.And the securing arrangements for the interchangable Titan Power Fist or Gatling Blaster. Each arm has a magnet embedded and a pin. The hoses simply slot into the rear of the main titan body assembly and a magnet in the arm socket does the rest.And lastly the interior. I also have the techpriest which i'll affix into the body here.
The next post will be with his 'lil brother Canis Bellum the Warhound. Oh yeah...


  1. That's fantastic work. Did you drill into the magnet for the arm pins? If so how hard was that?

    I will be checking back often as I start my Reaver, such nice work.

  2. Jon, no the magnet is in the centre of the arm joints, whilst the pins/holes are either side of the central magnet. They are fairly small but very strong 5mm magnets.


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