7 Apr 2010

Imperial Reaver Titan - Honorum - Legio Astorum

So I can't wait any longer. I've spoke to*Slayer Sword Winner 2014 Richard Gray and will be collecting 'Honorum' tomorrow on my journey down to the South of England. So, without further ado titan lovers, may I present 'Honorum'.

The scroll work includes the latin motto's of various ships on which I have served (with a cheeky 'Emperor' thrown in to 40K them! 'Spes Imperator Aspera Levat' Hope (in the Emperor) Lightens Difficulty, 'Marte Et Arte' By Initiative and Skill, and 'Fortitudine Vincimus' By Endurance, We Conquer.

More photos will follow once this boy is home. If you want any particular close ups for your own project ideas, leave a comment and I'll accommodate. Again, big shout out to Richard Gray from Richard Gray Creations, the artist who did a better job than I dared attempt, and sort of apologies to Inner Geek for not attempting it myself...
Now Imperial Warhound Canis Bellum, Legio Astorum has a big brother...



  1. That is a fantastic looking Reaver. Great colors and very smooth.

    I like the script work on the banner and the hazard striping on the missile launcher.

  2. Great great great job here. The details really help it to stand out. Congratulations!


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