12 May 2014

Necron Night Scythe #2

Howdy readers, here is my latest offering, another Night Scythe for my growing Necron force.  I have used the same colours as before, a nice Necron Abyss blue with reddish Gauss energy and my oily looking metals with Platemetal Army Painter spray washed with Nuln Oil and Devlan Mud..
I wanted the base to be a feature for this new flyer, rather than a big expanse of nothing - so using some spares from the Obelisk kit, I made it look like part of the Necron Tomb world or a vehicle was rising above the surface from beneath the plains.
The only variation from the first Night Scythe was the tips of the croissant were painted blue, an easy way of differentiating between the two craft. The next one will probably have a few more panels blue, whilst I think the Doom Scythe I'll eventually do will be completely blue.
I do love the lookof these flyers, they look more dangerous than they actually are! They do look cool when they enter the battlefield, and at only 100pts I may get a few more yet.
And to prove it is not just a re-post! ;)


Greg Hess said...

My favorite part of the model is the base. Really cool!

Siph_Horridus said...

Cheers Greg, a flash of inspiration when I was wondering what to put on it! I was rather pleased too.

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