22 Feb 2013

Iron Warriors - Obliterators

Hi all – I’ve had almost no hobby time in the past month as I’ve been ripping rooms in my house apart and rebuilding them (it looks nicer now though) but this week I managed to get back into it with a unit I’ve been looking forward to tackling for ages; Obliterators.

As much as I like the unit and the fluff, the GW models are a little bit...awful.

But I did some digging around and stumbled across these alternatives from Polish(?) studio Hi-Tech Miniatures. They aren’t the cheapest models – roughly the same price as GWs Obliterators, but they look absolutely stunning and when I got them in my hand – they are absolutely worth it. The detail is incredible and I would rank them up there with Forgeworld pieces. They are also the perfect scale. I guess my only niggle is that these are the only three models they make and are so unique that if I want another unit I’m not sure what I would do... I’ll definitely be going back there for my Lord and Champion models though.
Its taken about a week to get them painted up – with all of the flesh and sinews being a bit of a pain to paint without messing up any of the metalwork – but I am really happy with how they turned out.
If anything, I would say that the pics don't do justice to the models – you could spend ages poring over them and find little bits you hadn’t previously spotted. Also the pics make the cloaks look shiny...no idea why – they look fine IRL...

Now these are done, I really must get some infantry finished. Maybe after a tank... thanks for reading.


Siph_Horridus said...

6th, your weathering powder work is getting rather good! These are nicer sculpts than GW I agree. Nice execution fella, will look forward to battling these heretics at WHW one day! (Once I add a few more Pods and aircraft... missile armed Stormtalons now 30pts cheaper! And I can take Stormravens! Yay) - all before a new Codex too!

the 6th degree said...

Cheers Siph - I am really looking forward to getting these to a playable size.

Got me some rather nice models for my Havoc squad and and Rhino in the pipeline - which are look pretty cool and they aren't even painted yet.

Not looking forward to all that air spam. Maybe I should get a Stormeagle or two???

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