16 Jan 2013

Malifaux - more Guild goodies

Hi guys - I am working on some 40K goodness I swear, but no pics til they are finished (which admittedly seems to be taking forever...maybe because I keep starting up "side projects"), but in the mean time here are some nice Malifaux minis.

These are all for using with my Ortega crew, although I only need to include two more models and I have the Lady Justice crew as well.

First up is the Executioner. As you can probably tell from the model, he's a bit of a close combat beast that likes nothing more than long strolls on the beach and snipping off limbs. He's wasn't exactly the most detailed or interesting model to paint - but a bit of X-27 helps brighten up the model a bit.

Next up is Abuela Ortega, the matriarch of the Ortega clan and has a great rule that whenever she shoots her shotgun, she goes flying back an inch. Got to love a granny with a 12 gauge... I really must practice painting eyes though - simply leaving them out starting to get old.

And finally there is the Enslaved Nephilim; each of the Masters in Malifaux have individual totems which are cheap and fragile, but give a few little perks. This little imp can cast one of Perditas spells for her - which typically means 'Obey'...which typically means more shooting from Nino.

To keep them in theme with the rest of the crew, all the models are mounted on DCB miniatures resin bases.

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