18 Sep 2010

Relictors Sternguard with Magnetized Weapons

This is my latest Relictor Sternguard, with heavy weapon options. I couldn't decide whether a Hvy bolter for it's rate of fire or a point blank (assault 1) template would be best, so I did both with some magnets. Knowing my knack fro rolling ones, the Heavy Flamer is probably best!
I added a small handle for placing the magnet you can see on the above - but from more than a foot away you don't notice the round magnet.
Again, I've used Cyphers backpack for the squad of Sternguard, very Relictor-ish.
Just noticed the rim of the shoulder pauldron needs touching up. Oh well, next project beckons...


Tristan said...

lookin good siph, i don't even see the magnet.

Student Teacher said...

bad. ass.

'nough. said.

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