14 Apr 2010

Imperial Reaver and Warhound Titan - Legio Astorum

Here is a family shot of the two titans together. And some different angles for any titan WIP would-be builders. Hope you like. I do. They have been painted by the Slayer Sword Winner 2014 - Richard GrayThese have been updated since after the Reaver had a fall and was slightly re-posed without the leaning gait, and another Warhound was added - See the Titan Family here! Now a full Apocalypse formation indeed!!


oni said...

They are beautiful. I'm really envious, I aspire to someday have a Reaver of my own.

eriochrome said...

I just ordered 2 warhounds from Forgeworld but they are 6 mm scale so nothing like this.

They look very nice.

Neil Kerr aka Skcuzzlebumm said...

so very cool and awesome!

I am jealous but at the same not that much as I would never find the opportunity to use them.

Guess its the curse of been part of an almost exclusive tourney playing community.

Siph_Horridus said...

Thanks all. Neil, you don't 'have' to use them, they look awesome on the shelf too. And I'm sure an apoc tourney can't be far away considering GW's 'drive to make everyone buy more' points creep.

Admiral Drax said...


Old-school awesomeness!

Drake Seta said...

Hi mate. Great looking Titans! I and some guys have set up a Titan Owners Club recently and it would be awesome to have them up there.


Siph_Horridus said...

@Drake, cheers fella, I have you pencilled in, just need to get home (working away) to upload my photos and certificates and WIP new (BIG) project *hint hint, should be contacting you soon with the relevant stuff. Saw your blog and thought it's an excellent way to share ideas and tips and maybe all out Apoc madness someday!!

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