21 Jun 2024

Vostroyan Firstborn - lots of them!! Done Pic heavy

Hello one and all,

This weeks offering is a big one, lots and lots of Vostroyan Firstborns. I could post these separately, however, I've got my next few posts ready for review.

These were bought ages ago, with the force topped up with the made to order. I had them painted by a friend, then then finished them off with making sure the red colour was the same and some small details. I also 3d printed, and painted resin bases for them.

Dead Vostroyan Firstborn

Platoon 1

Heavy Weapons Platoon

Heavy Platoon Command

Sniper Special Weapons Squad

Flamer Special Weapon Squad

Platoon 2

Platoon 3

Platoon 4

Overal Command Squad

Displayed in their new spot!

Over 150 Imperial Guard Vostroyan Firtborn in one post, madness! (75pts)


  1. Good lord that's a LOT of models!

  2. Very cool collection there. It's...a lot...but so cool! Congrats on your results.

  3. A cool looking force, I want to play a troop heavy Ad Mech Secutarii and Vanguard vs Guard now


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