17 Mar 2023

What to do with the Desolator Marines??? Help!

 Hello all!

A weird post this week.. I was planning to post WIP pics of my 10 man Desolator marines, included in the Agustus box set.. and well.. they haven't. I can't figure out what to do with them.. I'm in the camp of 'they look silly, but rules wise needed' thus have looked at ways to make them better. 

I do like the option of mounting the rocket launchers to the backpack, however the rules wise this would be inaccurate, as these are the weapons the marine has to 'point and fire' whereas teh fed rocket cannon is the one that can target unseen models - however the ammo feed would need to be removed as not required.. 

Another option could be to reduce the 'nerf gun' sized weapons, and make them more streamlined, however this still leaves them looking like they are shooting t-shirt cannons into the crowd.. 

 Could there be an option to utilise the old missile arm of firstborns, with the missile pack from the aggressors on their back? which then leads to the question of if there are other kits that could be used to make them look 'better'

I am doin these initally for my Deathwatch, so there is the option I go full out for converting them, and then when it comes to my Ultramarines, I stick with the original- as Guilliman wouldn't allow them to diviate from Cawl's work too much..

So the question is what to do with them??? LH


  1. Can you mount the rocket cannon on the backpack and have the rockets as normal hand held RPGs? I think it is the combo that is the problem.

  2. The Sarge looks pretty boss, though, right`? I'd aim to make the other guns look more like his, so combine the two box launchers to one side of the rail, see if you could shift it across so the targeter is on one side like the Sarge has.

    That, or stick the box launchers on the back like T'au rail guns!

  3. Well, the Devos IV campaign takes place in 5ed, so only normal size marines existed back then - this entirely solves the problem of those manga-gun marines.


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