6 Mar 2023

Relictors Space Marine Chapter - MK1b Rhino APC for 4th Company

I cannot resist a decent eBay find, this was a plain Rhino in blue, decent enough but thin coats of paint which made the purchase appealing...  My 4th Company RTB01 Marines have two full squads, but only a single Rhino, so now they both have a ride in style. The above reminds me of the 90's box art style!
I added the Chaos chains to 'Relictor' it a little. Base coat was Uniform Grey from Army Painter, over brushed Codex Grey (Dawnstone) and washed Nuln Oil, drybrushed Administratum Grey.
I picked out some stowage, an ammo crate and a camouflage sheet for the empty track rear sections. This one unfortunately didn't have the fragile hand rails like the first. (EDIT - I managed to pick some up on eBay from a very nice bitz seller, theblisteredheel).
I manufactured some hatch handles from some spare radar antenna bits from the vehicle frame, cut and shaped as necessary to form new handles.
Here is Squad IV with their new/old ride.
And a shot of the Rogue Trader motorpool as it stands, all attached to 4th Company, as quite frankly 5th Company is huge already!

EDIT - The bitz I wanted came through and I have managed to purchase the delicate handrails and a missing hatch underneath!

Cheers, Siph (5pts)


  1. Nice repaint on this little ol' box o' nostalgia!. I myself only have one of these old Rhinos left in my collection.

  2. That kit still works so well. I wish I had the foresight to collect more of them back in the day...Anyway, your work on is very good indeed!

  3. Sweet ride! Great news on the handrails...they always broke at some point during play. Very cool to have two fully painted rides on display with all the trappings!


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