22 Jan 2023

Age of Sigmar AoS Conversion to 40K Lord Relictor - Chapter Master

Hello All, welcome and thanks for dropping by. A long overdue WIP now completed at last. I suggested I would convert this Age of Sigmar Lord Relictor to something Warhammer 40K Relictors Space Marine Chapter, this was posted HERE in 2015! Well, better late than never...
I present the Chapter Master of the Relictors Chapter Space Marines, the Lord Relictor himself! Now, if any of you have read the Relictor's Chapter fluff background the role of Chapter Master is really a title given to one of the Relictor Captains. The actual Command of the Relictor's was long ago passed to the Librarius and the Chief Librarian. A link to the fluff can be found above on the title bar.
I converted the legs of the Lord Relictor model to have the bottom greaves of a Terminator, and used the haft of a Thunderhammer re-attaching the AoS head. I also added a Crux Terminatus to the shoulderpad, a lot of filing and cutting to make it fit.
Here you can see some of the gubbins on the rear of the Storm Shield, which is made from the terrain Arcane Ruins skull faces.
Here is the Storm Shield, I added a Skitarii sensor to one eye and a Crux Terminatus plus a censer from the Skitarii too.
Finally I added a Terminator 'hood' with sensor pack and a small shield repeating the one on the Storm Shield. With a small mechadendrite from the Skitarii pack poking out from the leather pterges and a grenade pack. I then filed off the icon on the chest ornament and added a decal. I am rather happy how this conversion worked out.

Cheers, Siph (10pts)


  1. Ha! He came out great in the end; worth the wait, it seems to me. Congrats on your results! Cheers.

  2. A very cool conversion! He looks perfectly 40k!

  3. He looks great, very nice conversion.
    How did you do the blueish-white tone to the skull mask?

    1. Thanks, white was Ulthuan Grey recess washed Drakenhof Nightshade wash. Highlighted Ulthuan Grey and some white.

  4. Crikey that's an impressive model.


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