2 Oct 2022

Dreadtober 2022 - WeeMen Participating for the 7th Year!

Hello Dreadtober-teers! My favourite hobby event of the calendar year is back again for another instalment. This year is yet again being run by Marc (Old School Gaming) so a massive thanks to him for keeping the hobby event alive for another year! And thanks to the founder Greggles, and Joe B and Todd (Sincain40K) and Joel (Mordian7th) for their contributions through the years too.

Dreadtober is an annual event held over the month of October where hobbyists pledge to do a dreadnought-sized model from the to-do pile and get it finished, starting 1st Oct and hopefully completing 31st Oct (Halloween/All Hallows Eve) with lots of progress shots and encouragement along the way :) and I like to partake in Dreadtober, and have done for a few years, you can see the fruits of this labour in the picture at the end of this post below, a veteran of 6yrs with a sum of six Dreads and a Necron Construct!

This year I will be attempting something a little bigger, a Imperial Knight Preceptor, in the guise of Canis Rex, Chainbreaker! A long overdue model which I have had languishing in the hobby to-do pile for far too long. (I am scheduling these posts and starting mid-September to mid-October as I will be returning to work at sea before the end, so following winds and fair seas to all my Dreadtober-teers!)

This week I will be concentrating on the main build of the miniature, keeping the armour plates separate for ease of painting.

Wish us Dreadtober-teers luck and hobby goodness. Cheers, Siph


  1. Looking forward to another year of DreadTober. Best of luck with the project, and smooth sailing when you return to sea!

  2. To quote an old comic strip, `Big Jobs'!

  3. That is one big project! I'll be looking forward to you tackling this beast!

  4. The last Imperial Knight I did for DreadTober took 2 years :-) Best wishes and fair sailing, mate.

  5. OK, your pledges appear to be getting bigger and bigger. If it's a Knight this year what monstrosity will it be in 2023?! Good luck with it.


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