7 Feb 2022

Squaduary 2022 - End of Week 1 - Relictors Space Marine Bike Squad

Hello All, so I've progressed with the Bikers somewhat, clipped from sprue, undercoated and cleaned up ready for construction. I've assembled the wheels and drybrushed them with a little of the Mournfang Brown to match the bases. 

I intend to drybrush the metal parts of the bikes before assembly, then paint the grey panels once stuck together and filed flat on the mudguards. I've undercoated the handlebars and Bolters with Leadbelcher, the foot-plates and front cowling with Codex Grey (Dawnstone).

Squaduary is run by Stepping Between Games blog, Thousand Eyes plows through the interwebz and Instagram for the Squaduary pledges and pools them together. Last year this didn't happen but unperturbed I was doing it anyway even if the community wasn’t but it’s back and check out the sidebar for more Squaduary Squaddies progress.  

Cheers, Siph


  1. This is decent progress! I've done nothing! I'll get onto it now.

  2. Go, go, go! I'll admit to the head start as I had my models assembled at least...


  3. Good work folks, I haven't put up anything for #Squaduary this year but so glad to see people are running with it. You have inspired me to make a post about it, thank you.

    1. No worries mate, a few of us are participating regardless ;)

    2. Do you have links to anyone else that might be? Just putting together a post on it now.

    3. Monkeychuka is doing Characters from Heroquest Kickstarter over at https://monkeychuka.blogspot.com and DAM over at https://262krieg.blogspot.com is doing Custodes

    4. Marc at http://oldschoolg4m1ng.blogspot.com says he’s participating too, know not what yet. And 40kaddict at https://www.40kaddict.uk is doing Tyranids

  4. Good Luck with getting it done, I will have to see if I have anything to pledge.


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