22 Mar 2021

Relictors Space Marines Primaris - Impulsor Transport - WIP

Hi all, thanks for dropping by. I'm away with work so these are coming as scheduled posts for as long as I have progress and can get a wi-fi signal in far away places. 

I was a big fan of the Impulsor 'swift attack grav-transport, the legendary flying Rhino in my mind, however I wasn't a big fan of the half truck open back but saw a decent enclosed kit from Models and Minis for a good price too. Seems that it's a one-man business and he has a massive backlog of orders, so there was delays (expect long delays) but after some correspondence and explaining his predicament I was happy to wait, and not disappointed, high quality kit and sweet look too. Compatible with the top turret ring connection and I easily magnetised the ring to swap out turrets.

The kit was half built to this point so I could spray the grav plates Leadbelcher and paint the struts easily. I recommend this approach with most vehicles, speeds up the painting and you can get to all the fiddly bits.
Here is where I am with the kit at the time of writing, just an aerial and the Icarus Missile Pod turret not pictured, they are sprayed black as my turrets are often black on the grey hulls. 

With the enclosed hull, I REALLY like the shape of this kit, and can't wait to get a few Gladiator tanks too, in my opinion much nicer than the floaty-Land Raider Repulsor. This feels like a decent modernisation of the Rhino kit (now its enclosed) and if you don't mind a wait (again at time of writing - may improve), I thoroughly recommend getting this conversion kit.

Cheers, Siph


  1. That's a really nice look, I agree! Didn't know the enclosed back was a thing, I shall check out the guy's website.

  2. Indeed, that does look far better than the original 'pickup truck' look.

  3. Wow that conversion kit really makes the model work

  4. That looks wicked! Gosh there are some awesome conversion kits out there.

  5. Yeah, Models and Minis have some great stuff - I've spent money there and will probably do so again. But you are looking at six months for a decent size order. He's got various reasons for working slowly; but it has meant that the quality has always been spot on. And he's in Texas now, instead of Middlesborough. So every freak weather event brings things to a halt.


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