8 Mar 2021

Legio Astorum Warhound Titan "Canis Victrix" Walks!

Hello Titanseers, thanks for dropping in to see the completed Titan! Canis Victrix Walks! Seen above with the mighty Titan Inferno Cannon as well as the Turbolaser Destructor.
The default armament that came with this second hand Titan was the Vulcan Mega Bolter and TLD. Both unpainted but ready for being magnetised with washers built into the socket. I added rod magnets to the arms to carry whatever weapon I chose. 
The banner printed by the talented Drake Seta from Battle Bunnies blog. I just adapted it to fit the banner template I have, if you look closely at the Astorum sigil you can see I extended the blue field and added the purity seals
I really love the striped Carapace!
Titan Owners Club motif on the reverse of the banner and also repeated on the right Shin Armour panel.
A mighty fine scout Titan addition to the growing Maniple "The Emperor's Halo" of Legio Astorum.

A close up of the Titan Owners Club decal, on a white background template from a stencil then applied and tidied up with the blue around the edges.
The proud Moderati and Princeps
Fully magnetised for storage / transport and weapon swaps.
The scouting Titans of the Maniple, in AT up to three can combine voids, so I will play these as two pairs in the next Titan Owners Club Walk UK in the summer (post-Covid)...

Cheers all, my your Reactors burn hot and your Plasma hotter! 

Princeps Siph (50pts)


  1. An impressive line up and as usual of very good quality.

  2. Another fine engine, Siph! I love the group photo. Your makeover on the second hand titan went well. And those stripes came out great!

    1. Cheers DAM, I’ll have to post a whole Maniple shot soon!


For the Emperor! (and other Xenos welcome...)

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