15 Feb 2021

Relictors Primaris Marines - Phobos Librarian

Hello All, thanks for dropping in to see my latest addition to the ever expanding Relictors Space Marine Battle Company. Not all my own work, saw this as a bargain on eBay and thought I could adapt it with a little work to become a Relictor Phobos Librarian.
I repainted the backpack and the shoulder Pauldrons, did the base and the leather belts and holster. Plus the gold work and contrast painted over the Force Sword to give my characteristic purple Force Weapon colour.
Tidied up the scrolls and the keys, so basically kept the cloak and the under armour so 90% of mini is as I bought, I just re-did all the detailing to suit me.
I cut away a decal to fit the shoulder Pauldron, showing my Relictors Chapter badge.
The psychic blue OSL was there already, the main thing which attracted me to the purchase - and an hours work I was done with a new addition to the force. My fledgling Primaris reinforcements continue to grow...

Cheers, Siph.


  1. That's a great looking Phobos Librarian. Kudos to the original painter AND for your tweaks!

  2. I remember I sold a fully painted Stormraven to someone once. About 20 hours work. He sprayed over the entire model with Chaos Black. I vowed never to sell any of my babies again after that. This however, looks really good!


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