19 Oct 2020

Legio Astorum - Reaver Titan "Aquila Oculus" - WIP #7 - Legs Complete

Hello Titanseers, the legs for 'Aquila Oculus' are now completed. She will soon Walk... just the small matter of Torso, Weapons, a base and power coupling hoses to do...
Last month, this was where I was, matching pairs of Leg Armour, each pair has a larger indent and a smaller indent piece, and the pairs match up so both the larger indents go in the inside leg.
I used rattle can sprays to achieve a red fade and a vinyl stencil for flames. Spray all the plate black, the top end white, then spray entire plate red except the upper most section. This gives a natural darkening to the base, getting brighter up the plate. The top was then sprayed Yellow. The white makes the uppermost flame parts brighter yellow. The red underneath, slightly orange yellows. Then stencil for flames was placed over the yellow/red fade, and the bottom half masked off. Then the stencil and top half is sprayed black, then brushed blue. Peel off the tape and stencil and you have the classic Legio Astorum flames - yes I know natural flames have yellow hearts and dark red extremities, but the Legio Astorum flames are red fading to yellow at the top, to contrast against the blue field.
A great effect and not an airbrush in sight, I must actually use it at some point, I've reached my zenith when it comes to rattle cans now!
The groin hoses were a bugger - all needed bending via a hair dryer and shaped into place, I then drilled and pinned and painted, then glued into place. The photo makes the hoses look 3D printed, they are not - they are ribbed and the light tricks the eye in the above photo.
Here you can see the drilling for the pins and the paint scratches for the other groin armour plate, this ensures a strong bond with the JB Weld onto the roughened resin surface, not to the paint layer.
And here are the final Legs posed in a stride forward (to the left in above image). The hip pistons will be counter-angled to ensure the torso is not leaning over so the movement is clear but the balance is not compromised.
Here you can see the stride out more clearly and the nice red fade. A nice set of legs...

Cheers, Princeps Seniores Siph.


  1. Some crisp rattle can work in action!

  2. Damn, nice legs!

    (which doesn't sound weird at all...)

  3. Lookin’ good so far. Nice legs indeed...

  4. Looking good, who needs an airbrush when you can do that.


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